Movie Marathon !

“Movie Marathon ?”
-movie ticketsSssSss-

Getting this message from Mei is definitely a bit of shocked, yet fill of excitement. I was quite stoned for a while, but after thinking rationally for another while, it make sense that she would say that.

Started on Tuesday 16th December, while having conversation about this on MSN @ 445PM, we decided to watch spaceChimps @ 530PM @ 1Utama. That’s pretty crazy huh -_- haven’t even shower or anything. But hey, we’re fearless people. So in the end i meet her at 1U while she took a cab there. Guess what, the movie delayed and we ended up being early instead of late =P

SpaceChimps ROX ! You guys shud watch it if you love comedy cartoons =P

Coming out from the cinema at around 7, we then continue watching Twilight @ 7PM. Ran all the way down and up to cinema again to catch another show. We were like 5 minute late, but guess what. The movie turn out to be another awesome fantabulous show !

The show ended around 9PM, and here we go again running back to cinema and meet up with Richard. Well, since we couldn’t get ticket for The day the earth stood still or which ever show, we ended up with Lost and Found @ 945PM, had Shushi Zanmai right before the show. And, the show itself it’s damn freaking boring. end of story.

Continuing from the marathon, on 17th December, Wednesday, we moved to MidValley GSC. The Day the earth Stood Still @ 2PM, Wild Child @ 430PM and lastly, Doraemon @ 730PM.


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