Nostalgic, yet calming

24 December Post:
Went out for lunch with Mae at KFC at Midvalley, had no choise cause Traffic is all screwed up at KL, Brickfields PorkNoodle and Sinkee is close x_x

And for some reason, this KFC has a special effect that trigger our decision on going Genting Out of sudden, of course i’m up to it since i wanted to go there to chill for a very long time already. In the end, we went to genting around 6PM xD Reach around 7Pm..wahahaha, damn nice ~

Luckily, Genting has been very the misty lately, and damn cooling ! Abit freezing cause it’s drizzling somemore ! Additionally It owns especially when you’re there with shirt, short pants and slipper xD (Some people might say cold till freezing tho =P but not for me la since i like cold cold also )

me & Mei @ Genting xD

Without any delay, we head straightttttttt for dinner at mamak in the parking lot near Coffee bean there =P guess what, my maggie is so spicy that i can’t even finish it -_- not to mention, both of us can’t finish our food =P But who cares anyway, after the food we straight go to arcade and had all the fun there xD it’s beeeeeeen awhile since i do these..AAAAAhahaha..

As always, the gooGooball is FULLL of people x_x and i can’t believe we could get S rank for all the level while there’s just 2 of us, while some other peopleSssSs get like A only tho they threw the ball at the screen like no tomorrow. *proud proud* Did i mention there’s a tomboy whom threw the ball without looking at the screen, and without hitting any single target at all ? Damn funny sial, have to hide a side and laugh at her somemore. Cis, and funniest part is, there’s this stupid game where people just dumb the balls into the hole. The hole is like, right infront of you exactly how far u are with ur monitor screen now, and all u have to do is just put in the balls x_x damn funny yet desperate la, i know you guys want the ticket so badly to change for the freegift, but dun need stay at that machine for hours just putting balls into the hole one ma = =”

We played this GhostRacon, some shooting game which result my arm abit the pain now, but it’s damn fun tho xD like a real soldier or SWAT like that , haha

Played Time Crisis 4 (as usual), this Crazy Taxi (Modified one, and damn sucky) and also some whack-a-mole game. We played basketball as well tho..haha…tiring but fun =P

it’s the ticket yo ! we gotten quite alot from the gooGooball =P

After that headed down to starbucks for chocolate drinks + CheeseCakes cause the weather was quite bad (Raining + damn freaking misty).

starbucks @ genting is classic ! nyak nyak

Haha, get back down to KL around 2AM. The path when coming back from Genting is damn nostalgic. Reminds me of alot of things..well, where’s the happiness when there’s no suffer =)


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