Merry Christmas ! last year =P

Another year has finally coming to an end. Feeling out of nowhere, i browse through my own album of Christmas picture which i took last year. Thinking back of that, it was actually the first time i do out door shooting with my Alpha..hahaha, so the picture you know la, some out of focus, some without a point, and others all position all wrong one.

With all these errors, might as well post it up, better than keeping in my hdd for fun and laugh alone rite x_x

Decoration in 1Utama xD Damn colourful wey..but too bad la, bad composition =P

Lol, overexpose =P the bunny asking “please do not rape me” =D

Trying to be artistic, PHAIL

Xmas @ Pavilion..i think this one is decent tho =P

Xmas @…hahaha, nothing special =P OOF one

My potraiture skill sucks la, do them look familiar ? =P

Again =P But can la..haha

Carolin-ing @ Gardens…hahahah

The Midvalley Xmas

And one more outof focus one.. xD

Hye hye, that’s all..


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