Pasta de Gohan @ Sunway Pyramid

Went to this place in Pyramid for Pasta yesterday with ChoonWen and Momori after their work… so called Japanese restaurant called Pasta de gohan is freaking from Singapore..and dear momori, it’s really my first time there la, please believe me =P

They have this lotsa fake pasta displaying all around their walls la, but honestly put it was so boring that i don’t even wanna take a picture of it.

Had this Pasta de Vongole. Honestly put, the pasta too damn dry la, even the foodJunction @ Midvalley Vongole much better and tastier than this one =P Much cheaaaaaaaaaaper somemore..

Vongole =P damn small la the stupid lala..this plate of pasta cost about Rm19 wey

ChoonWen on my left, holding her Mushroom Pasta. The pasta sure look tastier with her holding it =P or was it the other way around ? lol..try to find mushroom in her plate x_x

Momori on ma right, it look tastier with a girl holding it..aaaaahahaha

This is what Momori had, pasta dunno what what what liaoz..Lol, she killed the taste for putting too much chilies and cheese x_x so i’m not even sure what’s the taste anymore

this is exactly what i meant ::

and then we saw this damn curious kid who keep looking at ChoonWen (Not me la ok =P there’s no way i can attract little kid)


Anyway, next time if wanna eat Japanese Pasta, please go ::

This place had the best Japanese Pasta around, a little bit more expensive (RM20 ~ 30 per plate) and damn worth it can find it at MidValley and 1Utama =)

Even the food look tastier without anyone behind =P with ma w900 somemore..


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