Merry Christmas everyone =)

Wa seh, this year spent ma christmas at Yew Huoi’s place, lotsa Wine, Chivas, Bacadi, Cakes, Lovely Nuggets, Pizza, and of course damn lotsa laugther and nonsense la. I would call it as a chilling xmas since i’ve been chilling and emo all the while. Guess what, i still enjoyed it =P

We had this Hold em’up Poker style most of the time, siao one lar they all can talk so much just playing, and i didn’t know being a dealer is so fun, so next time hor if you wanna host a casino game in your house, you know who to find la..Hahaha…

So much for our christmas party just ended at 6AM just now, now our New year eve party gonna start soon @ Awana xD this will be organize by Kennedy, and assist by me of course..It’s party all the time yo ~

And also, a trip to Kuantan, Melaka, Taiping, Cameron Highland, Penang and Ipoh will be on in the next 2 week =P stay tuned people for more update after i come back from those places.

*sneezing now, i think i’m gonna fall sick, and blood are spoted when i sneeze, but who cares !*


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas everyone =)

  1. Surprise! Wow, you can still write a blog despite it is 6.30am when you left my house. Yes. I am so glad that you guys came. Though extremely late as usual. Late = Richard. lol. The party was supposed to start at 8.00pm but Richard only arrived at 11pm. Anyway, I hope you guys did enjoy urself. Next time there will be more wine and hard liquor. I am so sorry because I couldn’t offer u guys any beer. I have totally forgotten about it. And Nicholas, you didn’t really drink much this time huh. I will make sure you get a hangover the next time. Oh btw, don’t forget to send me the pictures. Happy New Year everybody. Lets start the year with a BIG BANG !!

  2. Hi Leonard, thanks for dropping by =) C’mon, u know i’m a Warrior, this is not an issue to me =P *evil grins*. Of course we enjoy ourself, you’re already kind enough to let us borrow your place for the night, how can we ask for more than whatever you could already give =) You’re a good buddy my friend, and that day we already drank alot during NewYear eve what, not enough ? LOL, picture is with me, can send to u anytime i see u online or outside lar..haha, till then ~

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