When stories, become real

Went to have dinner with Richard, His 2 sister and Won Zin just now =) heh, guess what, we went to PASTA ZANMAI ! (never get tired of going this place)

fruit tea, all time favourite !

pizza, is always good for sharing ~

wafu beef pasta =P damn nice i tell u !

and here, this 3 dishes is dedicate to one of my unagi lover friends =P WAHAHAHA, evil me~

unagi pasta =P

yet another Unagi Pasta !

AnD the another uNagI pasta !

Most of the food there ish nice la, just eat whatever you felt like it and indulge urself =)

watch Inkheart after that. The movie turn out quite awesome considering it’s a fantasy show, where everything came to live when Mo tells a story. Go watch it if you love fantasy show =)


2 thoughts on “When stories, become real

  1. I also not sure, probably there’s a portal in my tummy, where it got transfered to other person after i consume -_-

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