9 out of 10 people like chocolate, the 10th lies.

The three best pleasures in life are scratching, digging nose and eating chocolate. Since i love chocolate so much, today i’ll just gonna tell a little bit of here and there i know about awesomeness of chocolates.


where it came from ?
Cocoa Beans, almond-shaped seeds from Cacao Tree, is the source of all chocolate and cocoa products we enjoy today. Not gonna explain anymore than this, cause..it’ll get boring.

how chocolate are made ?
The Cocoa beans are processed depending on the cocoa content in a chocolate, guess what. It’s known as “Chocolate Liquor” once it’s processed into a thick creamy paste, it’s known as cocoa paste as well. Most of the chocolate were further processed by mixing with butter, vanilla and sugar. There’s where all the additional sweenest comes from.

some facts about chocolate
a bit of history on chocolate
Decades ago, there’s this place called “Theobroma Cacao”, ish the name of the Cacao Tree’s Botanical. It pays homage to it’s mythical origins. In greek, theobroma actually means “food of the gods”. So for those who knows about Chocolate lounge around M’sia =P Now you know where the names comes from. At the same time, the Chocolate drink were known as the divine drink as well. All Hail Chocolate !

As time pass by, chocolate drink has become one of the healthy drink, and once the steam engine were introduce, that’s where chocolate envolve into solid-eating-bars and start taking over the world.

That’s when our dear Switzer Daniel Petter, added Milk into these chocolate, and thus…MILK CHOCOLATE(My favourite) are born in Switzerland ! Now that’s why they say Swiss made the best chocolate around !

since then, chocolate has been produced in solid forms, it’s been use as ingredient on many food as well; Ice creams, breads, flavoured milk, candies, and guess what; it has been used by soldiers during the Civil War as well as portable food for energy and morale ! (During the Second World War, the U.S. Government commissioned Milton Hershey to create a candy bar to be included in soldier’s rations. The candy bar chosen was the famous Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar.)


chocolate and our health

In a bar of chocolate, there is existence of caffeine. Just that it’s significantly lower than those in coffee, tea or cola drinks. That’s why it’s the best food when you wanna stay awake =P

i can only say, a bar of chocolate is lower cholesterol than a piece of cheddar cheese.

i’m the living prove where chocolate actually contains low calories and it’s not the main cause of being fat. As long as you’re eating healthy meal each day, and your chocolate intake(sugar intake) is NOT AS MUCH as your lunch/dinner, then it’s considered healthy intake already.

chocolate has no any relation with acne wey, unless you’re eating fake chocolate. Else, it wont cause more acne -_-

if you’re allergy to chocolate, i may eat all the choco on your behalf

Benefits of eating Chocolates
Chocolate contains high level of flavonoids where it benefits our transportation within our body. It’s called Ciculatory system where it transport your nutrients, gases and waste to and from Cell. and thus it help to fight deseases and stabilize body temperature and maintain our body living oranism, thus making sure we’re in constant and stable condition of the body. In short, you don’t get sick that often and more active in sports.

The amount of the antioxidants (which exist in fruits and vegetable) is twice as much as those in Red Wines (now u know why they say redwine is good for the heart), its a good source of those antioxidants that exist in our body. Let’s just say that, it’s not bad anyway to eat chocolate to fight heart diseases.

chocolate at it’s best ?
Chocolate should be kept in a cool, dry place. The ideal Sotrage is about 65 Fahrenheit (about 20 ~ 22 Celcius) and 50% Humidity. Chocolate’s worst enemy is the heat and direct sunlight. It’ll fade the colour, and causes tackiness and melting, which made the chocolate doesn’t taste as nice as it should be.

Chocolates are easily attracted to flavours and odors. So keep your perfumes and air refresheners away from these lovely bits.

In general, solid chocolate which is not mixed with other products will have a shelf life of at least six to twelve months or longer, depending on the environmental storage conditions. When mixed with other products (nuts, cream, etc.) the shelf life will be reduced.

and so, go grab a chocolate to makan before i continue in next section ~