When stories, become real

Went to have dinner with Richard, His 2 sister and Won Zin just now =) heh, guess what, we went to PASTA ZANMAI ! (never get tired of going this place)

fruit tea, all time favourite !

pizza, is always good for sharing ~

wafu beef pasta =P damn nice i tell u !

and here, this 3 dishes is dedicate to one of my unagi lover friends =P WAHAHAHA, evil me~

unagi pasta =P

yet another Unagi Pasta !

AnD the another uNagI pasta !

Most of the food there ish nice la, just eat whatever you felt like it and indulge urself =)

watch Inkheart after that. The movie turn out quite awesome considering it’s a fantasy show, where everything came to live when Mo tells a story. Go watch it if you love fantasy show =)


food trip, again… :: Melacca ::

Wahaha, went for a day trip to Melacca again, that makes 4 times in a row, within four months la…not very often, but still =P

Here’s what happened, we went for a nice Breakfast at Serdang, this wonderful and yet addictive place where they have the most delicious food on earth where you shouldn’t miss when you’re still alive, which is..the marvolous fantastica TOMOYAM ! wops, i mean TomYam lar !


I think most people love tomyam, especially Malaysian since their cuisine mostly pedas pedas belaka also, like most people, someone like me who can’t eat pedas pedas stuff, still can take and love tomyam =P Trust me, i’m very crazy about tomyam beehon, especially delicious one…wahaha

Kindly be informed that they only sell tomyam during Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, on normal day they only sell normal fish paste noodles.

Moving forward, without waiting we headed to Melacca after the wonderful breakie, it’s a 1 1/2 drive for those who don’t know. Reached at Melacca around 140PM, guess what..we went for ….


Hahaha, ya..the famous Chicken RiceBall that can only be found in Melacca, trust me, these evil small little ball taste so good with the chicken. For those who going melacca, don’t forget these la..

After that we went to walk around the Jonker street, and stop by for Nyonya Cendol.

Nyonya Cendol

My favourite food during the heat cause : It’s sweet, and damn sweet, where sweet enough to satisfy my sweetie tastebud =P

After a nice round of sweetness dessert, we went for bowling at Mahkota Parade..Wa seh, my bowling skill damn lousy dy, who ever still bowl often can find me lar…lalala

Went to look for Satay Babi after bowling, but sadly, these evil satay only open till late afternoon…bah…and so we take our own very sweet time to the Portugese Village for Seafood, and we had :

The aMaZinG PortuGese gRiLL FISH !


ChiLi Padi Lala

the grill fish is freaking amazing i would say, but that day not pedas enuff tho, but the Lala damn suck la, please don’t order lala if you’re there, or probably it’s just my luck =P since i know a few places serve better lala’s,i shall blacklist melacca one for now =D

After a round of dinner, we went and follow the lights =P lights, where they always beam out from


damn cute la these duckie

they have lotsa sponge bob also x_x

and they have these game where you change money for these drink cans, then u bet 1:1 on the colours, so let’s say if you bet 2 tins on black,
this is where u bet with tins x_x


and the balls drop on the black, and so u wont another 2 tins =P These tins can be used to change prize one orh ! OR, if you’re feeling thirsty you could just drink it on the spot..Lol

headed straight for SATAY CELUP ! wahaha, no picture la cause we eat a bit only =P

And so i would say, if you’re in Melacca, these are the definitely must eat stuff when you’re there, else you can’t be joking to me saying you’ve been to Melacca :-
1. Baba Nyonya Laksa
2. Cendols
3. Chicken Rice Balls
4. Satay Babi/Satay Celup
5. Jonker Streets Night Market (Char Kuey Teow, Oh Jian, Strawberry on stick and etc etc u can find there)

That’s all =P

Merry Christmas everyone =)

Wa seh, this year spent ma christmas at Yew Huoi’s place, lotsa Wine, Chivas, Bacadi, Cakes, Lovely Nuggets, Pizza, and of course damn lotsa laugther and nonsense la. I would call it as a chilling xmas since i’ve been chilling and emo all the while. Guess what, i still enjoyed it =P

We had this Hold em’up Poker style most of the time, siao one lar they all can talk so much just playing, and i didn’t know being a dealer is so fun, so next time hor if you wanna host a casino game in your house, you know who to find la..Hahaha…

So much for our christmas party just ended at 6AM just now, now our New year eve party gonna start soon @ Awana xD this will be organize by Kennedy, and assist by me of course..It’s party all the time yo ~

And also, a trip to Kuantan, Melaka, Taiping, Cameron Highland, Penang and Ipoh will be on in the next 2 week =P stay tuned people for more update after i come back from those places.

*sneezing now, i think i’m gonna fall sick, and blood are spoted when i sneeze, but who cares !*

Pasta de Gohan @ Sunway Pyramid

Went to this place in Pyramid for Pasta yesterday with ChoonWen and Momori after their work… so called Japanese restaurant called Pasta de gohan is freaking from Singapore..and dear momori, it’s really my first time there la, please believe me =P

They have this lotsa fake pasta displaying all around their walls la, but honestly put it was so boring that i don’t even wanna take a picture of it.

Had this Pasta de Vongole. Honestly put, the pasta too damn dry la, even the foodJunction @ Midvalley Vongole much better and tastier than this one =P Much cheaaaaaaaaaaper somemore..

Vongole =P damn small la the stupid lala..this plate of pasta cost about Rm19 wey

ChoonWen on my left, holding her Mushroom Pasta. The pasta sure look tastier with her holding it =P or was it the other way around ? lol..try to find mushroom in her plate x_x

Momori on ma right, it look tastier with a girl holding it..aaaaahahaha

This is what Momori had, pasta dunno what what what liaoz..Lol, she killed the taste for putting too much chilies and cheese x_x so i’m not even sure what’s the taste anymore

this is exactly what i meant ::

and then we saw this damn curious kid who keep looking at ChoonWen (Not me la ok =P there’s no way i can attract little kid)


Anyway, next time if wanna eat Japanese Pasta, please go ::

This place had the best Japanese Pasta around, a little bit more expensive (RM20 ~ 30 per plate) and damn worth it wey..you can find it at MidValley and 1Utama =)

Even the food look tastier without anyone behind =P with ma w900 somemore..

Merry Christmas ! last year =P

Another year has finally coming to an end. Feeling out of nowhere, i browse through my own album of Christmas picture which i took last year. Thinking back of that, it was actually the first time i do out door shooting with my Alpha..hahaha, so the picture you know la, some out of focus, some without a point, and others all position all wrong one.

With all these errors, might as well post it up, better than keeping in my hdd for fun and laugh alone rite x_x

Decoration in 1Utama xD Damn colourful wey..but too bad la, bad composition =P

Lol, overexpose =P the bunny asking “please do not rape me” =D

Trying to be artistic, PHAIL

Xmas @ Pavilion..i think this one is decent tho =P

Xmas @ S.wang…hahaha, nothing special =P OOF one

My potraiture skill sucks la, do them look familiar ? =P

Again =P But can la..haha

Carolin-ing @ Gardens…hahahah

The Midvalley Xmas

And one more outof focus one.. xD

Hye hye, that’s all..

Nostalgic, yet calming

24 December Post:
Went out for lunch with Mae at KFC at Midvalley, had no choise cause Traffic is all screwed up at KL, Brickfields PorkNoodle and Sinkee is close x_x

And for some reason, this KFC has a special effect that trigger our decision on going Genting Out of sudden, of course i’m up to it since i wanted to go there to chill for a very long time already. In the end, we went to genting around 6PM xD Reach around 7Pm..wahahaha, damn nice ~

Luckily, Genting has been very the misty lately, and damn cooling ! Abit freezing cause it’s drizzling somemore ! Additionally It owns especially when you’re there with shirt, short pants and slipper xD (Some people might say cold till freezing tho =P but not for me la since i like cold cold also )

me & Mei @ Genting xD

Without any delay, we head straightttttttt for dinner at mamak in the parking lot near Coffee bean there =P guess what, my maggie is so spicy that i can’t even finish it -_- not to mention, both of us can’t finish our food =P But who cares anyway, after the food we straight go to arcade and had all the fun there xD it’s beeeeeeen awhile since i do these..AAAAAhahaha..

As always, the gooGooball is FULLL of people x_x and i can’t believe we could get S rank for all the level while there’s just 2 of us, while some other peopleSssSs get like A only tho they threw the ball at the screen like no tomorrow. *proud proud* Did i mention there’s a tomboy whom threw the ball without looking at the screen, and without hitting any single target at all ? Damn funny sial, have to hide a side and laugh at her somemore. Cis, and funniest part is, there’s this stupid game where people just dumb the balls into the hole. The hole is like, right infront of you exactly how far u are with ur monitor screen now, and all u have to do is just put in the balls x_x damn funny yet desperate la, i know you guys want the ticket so badly to change for the freegift, but dun need stay at that machine for hours just putting balls into the hole one ma = =”

We played this GhostRacon, some shooting game which result my arm abit the pain now, but it’s damn fun tho xD like a real soldier or SWAT like that , haha

Played Time Crisis 4 (as usual), this Crazy Taxi (Modified one, and damn sucky) and also some whack-a-mole game. We played basketball as well tho..haha…tiring but fun =P

it’s the ticket yo ! we gotten quite alot from the gooGooball =P

After that headed down to starbucks for chocolate drinks + CheeseCakes cause the weather was quite bad (Raining + damn freaking misty).

starbucks @ genting is classic ! nyak nyak

Haha, get back down to KL around 2AM. The path when coming back from Genting is damn nostalgic. Reminds me of alot of things..well, where’s the happiness when there’s no suffer =)

Movie Marathon !

“Movie Marathon ?”
-movie ticketsSssSss-

Getting this message from Mei is definitely a bit of shocked, yet fill of excitement. I was quite stoned for a while, but after thinking rationally for another while, it make sense that she would say that.

Started on Tuesday 16th December, while having conversation about this on MSN @ 445PM, we decided to watch spaceChimps @ 530PM @ 1Utama. That’s pretty crazy huh -_- haven’t even shower or anything. But hey, we’re fearless people. So in the end i meet her at 1U while she took a cab there. Guess what, the movie delayed and we ended up being early instead of late =P

SpaceChimps ROX ! You guys shud watch it if you love comedy cartoons =P

Coming out from the cinema at around 7, we then continue watching Twilight @ 7PM. Ran all the way down and up to cinema again to catch another show. We were like 5 minute late, but guess what. The movie turn out to be another awesome fantabulous show !

The show ended around 9PM, and here we go again running back to cinema and meet up with Richard. Well, since we couldn’t get ticket for The day the earth stood still or which ever show, we ended up with Lost and Found @ 945PM, had Shushi Zanmai right before the show. And, the show itself it’s damn freaking boring. end of story.

Continuing from the marathon, on 17th December, Wednesday, we moved to MidValley GSC. The Day the earth Stood Still @ 2PM, Wild Child @ 430PM and lastly, Doraemon @ 730PM.