food trip, again… :: Melacca ::

Wahaha, went for a day trip to Melacca again, that makes 4 times in a row, within four months la…not very often, but still =P

Here’s what happened, we went for a nice Breakfast at Serdang, this wonderful and yet addictive place where they have the most delicious food on earth where you shouldn’t miss when you’re still alive, which is..the marvolous fantastica TOMOYAM ! wops, i mean TomYam lar !


I think most people love tomyam, especially Malaysian since their cuisine mostly pedas pedas belaka also, like most people, someone like me who can’t eat pedas pedas stuff, still can take and love tomyam =P Trust me, i’m very crazy about tomyam beehon, especially delicious one…wahaha

Kindly be informed that they only sell tomyam during Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, on normal day they only sell normal fish paste noodles.

Moving forward, without waiting we headed to Melacca after the wonderful breakie, it’s a 1 1/2 drive for those who don’t know. Reached at Melacca around 140PM, guess what..we went for ….


Hahaha, ya..the famous Chicken RiceBall that can only be found in Melacca, trust me, these evil small little ball taste so good with the chicken. For those who going melacca, don’t forget these la..

After that we went to walk around the Jonker street, and stop by for Nyonya Cendol.

Nyonya Cendol

My favourite food during the heat cause : It’s sweet, and damn sweet, where sweet enough to satisfy my sweetie tastebud =P

After a nice round of sweetness dessert, we went for bowling at Mahkota Parade..Wa seh, my bowling skill damn lousy dy, who ever still bowl often can find me lar…lalala

Went to look for Satay Babi after bowling, but sadly, these evil satay only open till late afternoon…bah…and so we take our own very sweet time to the Portugese Village for Seafood, and we had :

The aMaZinG PortuGese gRiLL FISH !


ChiLi Padi Lala

the grill fish is freaking amazing i would say, but that day not pedas enuff tho, but the Lala damn suck la, please don’t order lala if you’re there, or probably it’s just my luck =P since i know a few places serve better lala’s,i shall blacklist melacca one for now =D

After a round of dinner, we went and follow the lights =P lights, where they always beam out from


damn cute la these duckie

they have lotsa sponge bob also x_x

and they have these game where you change money for these drink cans, then u bet 1:1 on the colours, so let’s say if you bet 2 tins on black,
this is where u bet with tins x_x


and the balls drop on the black, and so u wont another 2 tins =P These tins can be used to change prize one orh ! OR, if you’re feeling thirsty you could just drink it on the spot..Lol

headed straight for SATAY CELUP ! wahaha, no picture la cause we eat a bit only =P

And so i would say, if you’re in Melacca, these are the definitely must eat stuff when you’re there, else you can’t be joking to me saying you’ve been to Melacca :-
1. Baba Nyonya Laksa
2. Cendols
3. Chicken Rice Balls
4. Satay Babi/Satay Celup
5. Jonker Streets Night Market (Char Kuey Teow, Oh Jian, Strawberry on stick and etc etc u can find there)

That’s all =P